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Registered Charity No. 1050261

Ways to Donate

Thank you for considering supporting Scrapbox! You generosity helps us continue our mission of promoting sustainability and creativity in our community.

Here are a few ways you can donate:

  1. Monetary Donation: Every contribution, whether monetary or in the form of donated resources, makes a difference
  2. In-Kind Donations: We gladly accept donations of art and craft supplies, office materials, and other items that can be repurposed for creative projects. To lean more about what items we accept, see the list below, or contact us directly.
  3. Volunteer Your Time: If you’re unable to make a financial donation, consider donating your time by volunteering with us. Your skills and enthusiasm can make a significant impact on our organisation.
  4. Spread the Word: Help us raise awareness by sharing our mission and events on social media. Follow us on Facebook, and share our posts to reach a wider audience.
  5. Corporate Sponsorship: If our company is looking to support al oca charity, consider sponsoring Scrapbox. We offer various opportunities for corporate partnerships and can tailor a package to suit your business needs.

Your support is vital to our work, and we appreciate every contribution, whether it’s monetary or in the form of donated resources. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment and our community.

Thank you for your support!

SCRAPBOX is always looking for the following items, although this list is by no means exhaustive:

Paper, Card and Cardboard products: Paper and card of all kinds and weights, colours and sizes, tubes from fabric rolls etc, boxes, crates, sheet cardboard, corrugated card, packaging sheets and
materials, empty yarn cones etc. No used greetings cards please.

Graphics products: Acetate sheets, printers’ foil, sticky backed sign plastics, Foamex board, Correx board, Perspex sheets, aluminium sheets, display folders and boards etc.

Stationery items: Box files, hanging files, coloured card folders, tracing and graph paper, crayons, pens, pencils, sharpeners, scissors, rulers, erasers, staples, Sellotape and other tapes, rubber bands, paper clips and fasteners etc.

Fabrics: Large pieces, part rolls, felt, embroidery and cross stitch canvas, fur fabric, hessian, leather, Tyvek, unusual and exotic fabrics suitable for costume making, sample fabric books etc.

Haberdashery and Craft items: Zips, reels of thread and balls of yarn, embroidery silks, tapestry wools, knitting wool and anything suitable for weaving, crochet cotton, buttons, beads, buckles and fastenings, complete dressmaking patterns, ribbon, tape, googly eyes (and eyes for dolls, teddies etc), wadding and stuffing for quilting, toys etc.

Art and Craft items: Coloured papers and card, canvas, specialist art and craft papers, art brushes, easels, weaving looms, spinning wheels, tapestry frames, crayons, art paints, charcoal, craft punches, cardmaking supplies, inks and ink pads, Fimo and Plasticine (as long as it is still usable, please!), balsa wood lengths, basketry cane, candle-making equipment and wax, polystyrene balls, jewellery findings and wire, adults’ and children’s craft kits etc.

Plastic and Glass: Containers, jars and bottles (clean and only jars with lids please), tubs and cylinders, plastic and rubber tubing, connectors, plastic cones, coloured glass pieces for mosaic/stained glass, Petri dishes, foam pieces.

Miscellaneous items: Paintbrushes, rollers and trays, (unfortunately we can no longer accept
decorating paint), wallpaper rolls and sample books, tiles, mirrors, carpet and vinyl samples, paint sample cards, Mod Roc (plaster of Paris modelling material), Tyvek, wooden lolly sticks, milk bottle tops (clean and dry please), rolls of wire, golf and table tennis balls, corks and crown caps, display stands for cards or jewellery etc.

SCRAPBOX members are very imaginative in their upcycling of our resources so don’t dismiss any item you may have but are unsure of the creative value, as someone will more than likely come up with an exciting use for it! Our organisation members like schools and community artists particularly like identical items in quantity for class use or workshops.

ITEMS WE SADLY CANNOT ACCEPT: Electrical items, clothing other than fancy dress or theatrical costume, household paints/stains/varnishes.

Thank you so much for considering donating your unwanted items to our Charity.